Hero 3.1

Muto - the perfect city e-bike

  • Unisex M-frame
  • Unique Click & Roll system
  • More than 25 accessories
  • Dutch Design

Important message about MUTO

As of 2021 MUTO is officialy part of Stella Bikes. This means that the MUTO e-bike and accessories are only avaibale in the Stella webshop or at the Stella Testcenters in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany.

This is Muto

Move freely, avoid crowds and traffic. Living in a city means you'll have to be dynamic and face choices every day. That’s why the experts behind Muto have developed the Muto Bike. An all-in-one city proof e-bike with an eye-catching design that allows you to get from A to B safely, quickly and without any hassle. Muto is an e-bike that continues to adapt to your busy life and is the key to solving urban mobility issues anywhere in Europe.  


How it works

Our game-changing Click & Roll system lets you switch accessories in seconds without any tools. So as your mobility needs change, your Muto can adapt and change with them.

25+ accessories

We've developed more than 25 different accessories for your e-bike. And all can be configured and reconfigured with ease. Check out all the accessories by configuring your bike or by visiting our shop. Click, Rock & Roll!



A lot of passion, hard work, long hours, failed prototypes and tinkering went into making this multipurpose e-bike the simple joy that it is. Here are some specific details and science behind the simplicity.



2 hours

charging time to 80%

Unlimited range


Click & Roll accessories