This is Muto

Muto is the perfect city bike and is as versatile as you are. Especially designed for all your commuting and transportation challenges in and around the city.

Good to know...

As of 2021 MUTO is officialy part of Stella Bikes. This means that the MUTO e-bike and accessories are only available in the Stella webshop or at Stella Testcenters in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany.

Why is Muto the perfect city bike for you?

Muto adapts quickly to the rhythms of the bustling city. No hassle with your grocery bags or briefcase as Muto is a versatile city bike that adjusts within seconds to your needs using the different accessories on our Click & Roll system. On top of that, Muto is low in maintenance and vandal resistant. Thanks to its electric drive, you’ll feel like you’re smoothly gliding through the city streets. Don’t fear the tram trails thanks to its sturdy and wide tires, which also ensure perfect handling. And last but not least: Muto is affordable and a feast for the eyes.  


Muto is yours

Unfortunately, e-bikes are a wanted good. That’s why we made Muto safe and reliable. This translates into the smart design, which makes Muto theft proof and vandal resistant. Lock the Muto with its integrated bicycle Dutch lock. Double it up with using the Octopus - our chain lock attachment. Easily attach, lock or remove the battery and accessories with one click. Besides the integrated front- and back light, Muto also has a sidelight integrated into the chain guard for maximum visibility. So after a night out you cycle home safely and nicely.


A true cycling party

Your Muto should connect seamlessly to your busy city life. Wanting to be somewhere quickly and safely sets high standards on design and accessories. For example, the handlebars are adjustable and you can step through the unisex M-frame on your e-bike without hassle. Going to childcare or the supermarket is a party because and thanks to our Click & Roll system, mounting a child seat or bicycle basket is just a matter of seconds. Also, the accessories look cool.


No hassle

It’s simple. A bike should always work. Especially in a busy environment. For example, the Muto does not have a traditional metal bicycle chain, but a belt drive. It provides much less resistance, lasts much longer and is low maintenance. Muto is also equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and the wide tires have an anti-leakage coating. Should something ever happen to your Muto, we’re at your service.


Always comfortable

With Muto you’ll have a comfortable drive. The bike has a low rolling resistance, is lightweight and the belt drive ensures less cycle resistance. Muto’s electric drive is a great support for your daily commute. Say bye to headwinds, slopes and a sweaty back. Ready for a workout? Muto also cycles very comfortably without electric support. This way you can switch between electrical power and your own muscle bundles in an instant.


A class of its own

Distinctive, revolutionary and thought through to the smallest detail. The ideal means of transport is an all-rounder, but one with the right looks. The Muto frame is glued instead of welded, a high-tech manufacturing method used in the aircraft industry. It’s a very nice, lightweight and compact e-bike. Experience the Muto now! Book a free test ride at one of our Muto stores or from the comfort of your own home.


Completely safe

When there is a lot of traffic on the road, anticipation is necessary. To keep you safe on the city streets we’ve added an anti-slip coating to the pedals and a double kickstand. Muto’s hydraulic disc brakes guarantee that you come to a full stop immediately. In addition, the compact frame is very manoeuvrable should it be necessary to dodge. The tires are not just wider for a better grip and a tougher appearance, but also help prevent you from getting stuck in the tram rails.

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