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Accessories - countless possibilities

With a catalog of more than 25 different accessories, we've got a carrier solution for you. And if you find that you have a mobility need that we have not made yet, let us know and we might invent one for you. We're always on the lookout for new ways to help you bring more to life.

Good to know...

Muto accessories are available exclusively at Stella Bikes.

Click & Roll

The strength of Muto is it's adaptability. Thanks to our innovative Click & Roll system, you can easily attach accessories on the front and back of the e-bike. Muto easily adapts to your ride, day and life!

How it works

Our game-changing Click & Roll System lets you switch accessories in seconds without any tools. So as your mobility needs change, your Muto can adapt and change with them.

Carriers and baskets

Goodbye, clumsy days – hello, Muto. We make doing groceries by bike look good. Big shop? No big deal! Attach the Chameleon M/L/XL-carrier, the Mulitped en de Kangaroo-baskets for a smooth ride.

(All items are sold separately)



Our bags are multi-purpose and they've got it all: multiple compartments, a key cord, and an elastic strap (just to name a few things). Attaches to the Multiped carrier instantly with hooks and Velcro.

(All items are sold separately)



Secure your MUTO with the Octopus chain lock which you can connect to the M-frame. Do you need extra power? Then the Caterpillar battery will suit you! And easily adjust the height of your saddle with the Dropperpost. 

(All items are sold separately)


Mix and match

Muto accessories are available exclusively at Stella Bikes.