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With a catalog of more than 25 different accessories, we've got a carrier solution for you. And if you find that you have a mobility need that we have not made yet, let us know and we might invent one for you. We're always on the lookout for new ways to help you bring more to life.

Shop & Go Pack

Goodbye, clumsy days – hello, Muto. We make doing groceries by bike look good. Big shop? No big deal! Includes the big Chameleon XL carrier and the front Kangaroo basket.


Family Life Pack

Family life is hectic enough, right? Let Muto save the day with the Multiped rear carrier, Urban Iki rear child seat and the Chameleon M front basket. Off you go!


Work & Play Pack

Get fit and impress your stuck-in-traffic-jam colleagues now. This pack ensures you can bring whatever you need with the Frog and Chameleon L Bamboo.


Sporty Pack

Ride like the wind and push yourself to the limit. Whether it's going to the gym or just a long ride: this is your pack. Store your work or sporty outfit and go set records!


How it works

Our game-changing Click & Roll System lets you switch accessories in seconds without any tools. So as your mobility needs change, your Muto can adapt and change with them.