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Can I charge my battery separately from the bike?
But of course! If you want to charge the battery, just remove the battery from the bike and place it on the battery charger. It is not possible to charge the battery when it's attached to the bike. 

Do you sell different frame sizes?
At the moment, we only have a 26 inch model. Our 26" unisex frame gives you the opportunity to share the bike. So you can cycle to work in the morning and your partner can cycle to the gym in the evening, even if there is a big difference in your heights. 

Can all accessories including the battery be locked?
We're not going to make it that easy for thieves! That is why all accessories and the battery can be locked with a key.

What is the exact autonomy I can get from my battery?
Our battery has an average range of up to 70 km (43.5 miles). The precise power output depends on the amount of electronic support you use. The average range of 70 km is based on normal or average conditions, which are a mild wind, a well-paved road, etc. The battery is more likely to run down in a hilly area. 


Unboxing video

Here you will find the unboxing video in which we explain how to unpack the e-bike and prepare it for use.

Our service centers

Visit one of our Muto certified service centers or visit a bike shop nearby. You can also contact one of Stella's service centers, with which we work together.

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